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You are the Prayer

Life According to Jayne:     At 10 years of age, sitting still during Sunday school can be a challenge.  Especially when given the task of memorizing multiple prayers and reciting them repeatedly.  Such was the life of my young friend.  Besides her regular school work, sports and dance class, she struggled to memorize a…

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A Baby Celebration!

We honour and Bless you.  We give you this Name It was a warm and lazy summer afternoon in July.  A happy group of Parents, Grandparents, God parents, special friends and a bright and lively two-year-old, made their way down to Jericho Beach – a stunning setting in Vancouver.   A gentle ocean breeze barely moved…

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Top 5 Tips for writing Tip-Top Wedding Vows!

our friends describe you as a romantic, fun-loving couple.  Your Love Story is romantic and it’s romantic to write your own wedding vows.  It’s part of the ceremony that can truly be your own expression of why you are marrying this most amazing person. As a Celebrant, one of my first questions is “Are you…

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