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The Scariest Thing – Listen Up!

Life According to Jayne   The phone rang.  I barely said Hello when my excited friend started telling me about his plans to take his wife to Hawaii.  After doing an internet search his best option for accommodations was with a vender he was familiar with.  She had just built a brand new place and…

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You are the Prayer

Life According to Jayne:     At 10 years of age, sitting still during Sunday school can be a challenge.  Especially when given the task of memorizing multiple prayers and reciting them repeatedly.  Such was the life of my young friend.  Besides her regular school work, sports and dance class, she struggled to memorize a…

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What is Metaphysics?

  Having finished his contributions to the up-keep of the Great Hall where he had completed his mediation and day of reflection, Jeb sat in silence. Jeb was looking forward to breaking his one week of silence during a meeting he had arranged with the Master of the sanctuary, and the meeting was about to…

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