What is Metaphysics?

Rocky Mountain Retreat


Having finished his contributions to the up-keep of the Great Hall where he had completed his mediation and day of reflection, Jeb sat in silence. Jeb was looking forward to breaking his one week of silence during a meeting he had arranged with the Master of the sanctuary, and the meeting was about to start.




“Hello Jeb” said a quiet but assured voice.

“Master! Thank you for meeting me”, Jeb said with a crackle in his voice, being the first words he had spoken in a week.

                        I came here to find the meaning of Metaphysics

“I understand that you have questions. Let’s retire to the Awakening room where we won’t be disturbed”. The Master made a gesture with his hands toward aopening the door large wooden door, just off of the Great Hall. The room was small and shaped like a half-moon. It was constructed of stone, floor to ceiling, with two curved stone benches facing each other. Jeb entered the room first and sat on one of the stone benches. The Master took the other bench, across from him.

When their eyes met, Master said “Your journey has brought us together. How can I be of service to you”?

Jeb began; “Master, I came here to find the meaning of Metaphysics and even though I have been in silence and mediation for the last week, I am still confused. It seems to me that it could be a Philosophy, Parapsychology, Psychic Intuition, Religion, Positive Thinking, Reincarnation, or any combination of these”.

Metaphysidal Sanctuary

Master took a deep cleansing breath, exhaled purposefully and responded, “You are correct on every account. Metaphysicians practice their beliefs in many different ways. There are Yogis, Mystics, Self-help thinkers and teachers, Spiritual Healers, Mediation Instructors, Psychics, Metaphysical Ministers and a wide variety of others”.

“But that knowledge doesn’t give me a definition or even a starting point” protested Jeb.

  “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?”, “What am I?, ” “Where have I been?” or “Where am I going?”

Master sat in contemplation for a few moments and then began to speak. “You see Jeb there is a common thread between most Metaphysicians. They believe that Metaphysics is a Spiritual Philosophy of Life. If you have ever asked the questions “who am I?”, “what am I doing here?”, “what am I?, ”where have I been?” or “where am I going?”, this Spiritual Philosophy, proven by science, can help you answer these questions”.

After intently listening Jeb asked; “OK. I consider myself a Spiritual Thinker but now I’m hearing this stuff about Inner Mind and Universal Mind. I don’t understand”.

“Ah-h-h” said Master, “Now we are getting somewhere”. “In almost all Metaphysical teachings there is one profound truth about the Mind. The truth is that there is only One Universal-Mind. No Mind is inseparable from the One Universal-Mind. And before you say it, I will agree with you that your mind is different from my mind and different from the others who study here. However, all Individual Minds are a direct reflection of the One Universal-Mind”. Master paused for a moment and then continued.

Cosmic Mind power

“This One Universal-Mind is referred to by many names; Universal-Mind, God-Mind, Cosmic Mind, Source, The Divine, the Creator of All That Is; these all have the same meaning. Your purpose in meditation is to connect to the One Universal-Mind that is part of you and speaks to you, internally. You see Jeb, you are the Universal-Mind and the Universal-Mind is you. It is the same for all living beings.”

Jeb sat for a moment to consider what Master had said. “Master, it’s easy to follow Spiritual Practice while I’m here in the Sanctuary, surrounded by it, but I will be leaving here soon. How will I be able to take your teachings into my everyday life”?

Explosion of imagination

Separation from the Universal-Mind causes division

Again, Master took a deep cleansing breath, took Jeb’s hands in his and looked kindly into his eyes. “Jeb, meditate every day and listen carefully to the Universal-Mind within you. Connect to the Universal-Mind daily. Separation from the Universal-Mind causes division between people and all living things. Remember that connection is possible at any age, through any faith and at any time in history.

Make finding Spiritual Truth a first priority in your life. Do this by recognizing and accepting your intuition”. At this point Master paused as if in a meditative state.

 Watch your relationships, income, career, health, fulfillment and joy, improve.

Fill your heart with Love“Be mindful that we are seekers of Truth. The Truth resides within each religion and philosophy. Each one serves whatever the spiritual level of its followers is. If you apply Metaphysical practice this way, you can watch your relationships, income, career, health, fulfillment and joy, improve. Live with Love in your heart, Jeb. The Universal-Mind IS Love”.

With that, Master bowed towards Jeb and thanked him for the opportunity to impart his wisdom.


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Acknowledgements In gratitude and blessings to Dr. John Bright, Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and Dr. Paul Leon Masters, University of Metaphysics  

By:  Dr. Jayne Gibson – Copyright – All rights Reserved by the Author.                                                                                          






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