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Positivity vs Negativity - Two-Way Street SignDuality; the struggle of Positive versus Negative; Good versus Evil.  It’s prevalent; it’s constant; it’s everywhere!  Those who love it and live it put God right smack in the middle of it and somehow feel quite justified in doing so.  It’s not true!  It’s not reality and it certainly is not what God’s ultimate plan is for human beings.  Duality is an illusion and something that we as humans continue to create and foster.  Duality keeps us in a state of fear, shame and guilt.  Its purpose is to pit us, one against the other, to have some people believe that they are lesser than others.  The time has come to rise above fear and pain and head back to a balance of love and joy in our existence.   

Duality is an illusion

Twice this week I have been confronted by stories of Duality, hard at work.  The first story is one of the saddest that I have heard in a long, long time.  A young woman sought me out and very tentatively began to tell me that a family member had died over the weekend.  She was so careful about how she approached the underlying issue.  She told me that he was 7 years younger than she was.  This news sparked curiosity in me (she knew that it would), as I commented on how young he must have been.  That’s when her eyes welled up with tears and she confessed that he was a victim of suicide.    

She asked for my opinion in earnest.  She told me that this event had really scared her.  During her upbringing she had come to believe that suicide is the worst form of death.  That people end up in a type of purgatory or limbo for all of eternity.  She told me that she was nervous and cautious about approaching her church to ask for prayers for her relative because they might judge her harshly and turn her down if they found out that the cause of death was a suicide. She also felt that she would have to be very careful about how she asked for prayers atMother and daughter at cemetery the church because if they found out that it was a suicide, they would shun her.   

She asked me my opinion about whether victims of suicide go to heaven.  She asked if I thought that God accepted them back into His fold.  She asked if I believe in the purgatory story.  My answer, of course, was a flat out NO!  I told her that her relative’s soul left its body to be with God.  ALL souls belong to God.  I told her that I believe God calls all His souls back to Him and her relative would not be an exception.  She thanked me and said that she was glad she talked with me about it.   


God doesn’t spend His time in heaven playing with people’s lives.

The next story I heard made me mad.  I was told that a well known author had written that God answers prayers by giving out Blessings to those who He feels deserves them.  Then, He watches what the recipient does with the Blessing.  If he feels that the person is misusing the Blessing, he calls the Blessing back and gives it to someone else who might use it more appropriately.  I promptly, and in a raised tone of voice (overcome by sudden anger), said that I don’t believe that!  God is not punitive and does not pick and choose who gets Blessings and who doesn’t.  God doesn’t spend His time in heaven playing with people’s lives.  He hopes, loves and cares for all of His children in the same way.  He lives through their souls and helps them learn their karmic lessons with kindness and gentleness.  People are so entrenched in their negativity that even when the blessing comes they don’t believe it or, can’t or won’t accept it. faith falls on your hand  

Good News Story:

There is a Good News story in all of this.  When we decide to incarnate back to earth, we create, and agree to, a plan.  That plan is created in counsel with our Spiritual Guides, many divine heavenly beings, and God; all of whom never leave us alone on this journey.  The plan is our Soul’s purpose. Our plan includes a beginning point and an exit point.  The plan is elaborate and complex.  We make alliances with others who will cross our path to either give us solace at times when we need it or to propel us toward learning the lessons that we agreed to learn while here on earth, for the glory of God.  Sometimes, as part of our plan, we find ourselves in situations that are supposed to help others learn their lessons in life.  We are there to aid them rather than learning the lesson ourselves.   


This explanation has nothing to do with Duality except to escape from it.

Who knows; maybe the person in our suicide story had that exit point written into their plan because the people left behind agreed to learn what it’s like to cope with someone who exits this way.  What if this lesson was intended to help them come away from their old beliefs about purgatory and limbo and spread the good news story, propelling them towards a closer relationship and understanding of God?  This explanation has nothing to do with Duality except to escape from it.   

People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. In fact they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity.  And while they seem quite eager to pull you into their limited, perpetual perspective of Duality, what I urge you to remember is that our journey is a Spiritual one.  A journey intended to be joyful, kind and loving, co-created by the highest power in the universe.  This is our birthright. Be cautious about how you feed your mind and soul. You are a child of God and your soul is a precious piece of Him.  He is pure LOVE.   

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“I now rise above other people’s fears and limitations.  I create my own life”.  ~ Author unknown



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By:  Dr. Jayne Gibson –     
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  1. Rozelle on February 3, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Jayne.

    We get so caught up in black and white that we forget that the grey is where it is at. I couldn’t agree more, who are we to judge the demise of an individual. We all come in with an exit strategy and every strategy has purpose. I am sure that when the people concerned really look at what has come out of the suicide they will see the blessing in it. Even if it is as simple as opening ones eyes to a greater truth…

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this very tender topic

    Much Love
    Rozelle (from South Africa)

  2. Joe on February 5, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Great article Jayne! Great wisdom for feeding the mind and soul.

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