A Baby Celebration!

We honour and Bless you.  We give you this Name

It was a warm and lazy summer afternoon in July.  A happy group of Parents, Grandparents, God parents, special friends and a bright and lively two-year-old, made their way down to Jericho Beach – a stunning setting in Vancouver.   A gentle ocean breeze barely moved the tree’s leaves, as the festive foods and celebration treats were brought into the site along with decorations to suite our occasion.  We had gathered together for a true Celebration of New Life.  We were about to Bless and Name a precious child – welcome her to the world – give her life-long God Parents – give her loving energy – and offer well-wishes for an enlightened life.

A few months prior, this child’s mother contact me.  Wanting to mark the auspicious occasion of her baby’s birth, mom wasn’t sure which direction to go in.  Mom is Canadian born of immigrant parents who celebrated through the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Her husband, having more Spiritual beliefs.  They didn’t really know where to go to have a Blessing of this kind.  It was just something that felt right and felt important to her.  So we got started.


I met Mom and baby to discuss our plans.  Our focal point was struck by creating an Order-of-Service that helped move us forward into this ceremony.  Through our conversation, we realized that the Baby’s name had a significant meaning.  Translated from her European background, it meant Ladybug.  Being a Metaphysical Minister, spiritual meanings are important to me.

I wrote to a colleague who is an amazing writer.  I asked a favour.  I told her about our little Ladybug and how special this ceremony was to everyone.  I asked if she had any writings for such an occasion.  Her response surprised and delighted me.  She actually sat down and wrote something especially for this wee one’s ceremony!  With gratitude, I added this piece of prose, into the ceremony.


And we began.  We formed a circle around our Baby and her parents.  We asked the Parents to name their Godparents.  We asked the guests to promise to care for this child.  The God Parents spoke promises to this child according to their personal strengths – (the reason why they were chosen).  Then her Parents made promises that included helping her to know her own worth and value and to realize her own soul’s purpose.







We publically proclaimed her Given Name.  Then we added an explanation of the Spiritual meaning of Ladybug.




“Dear little Ladybug, our lively and interesting companion.  You know the mysteries of the expansion of the universe.  When you are near us, happiness is all around.  With you, we can let go of our worries because you bring us luck to fulfill our wishes.

Show us how to have faith in knowing that our dreams will come true without having to push for them. Help us to honour and protect our own truth, so that we can live in joy and bring joy to others, with ease and grace.”



A final blessing was offered, asking that our baby grows to be a woman who truly loves her life.


A beautiful ceremony, for a beautiful child and a wish come true for her loving parents.







With many Thanks to Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos and the Light that shines through her.


Created by: Rev. Dr. Jayne Gibson

Copyright – All Rights Reserved through the Author

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