You are the Prayer

Life According to Jayne:



At 10 years of age, sitting still during Sunday school can be a challenge.  Especially when given the task of memorizing multiple prayers and reciting them repeatedly.  Such was the life of my young friend.  Besides her regular school work, sports and dance class, she struggled to memorize a few prayers – a task that did not come easy for her.


Her teacher, Sister Mary Clair, was kind and soft spoken but never let up on the children.  She strongly believed this religious instruction was so important that she forged on, with multiple restless children in her classroom.


The day came that my young friend began to wonder about all this memorizing.  Frustrated in her struggle to keep up, she thought if she could just memorize the most important ones, she could work on the others later.

She gingerly approached Sister Mary Clair and asked “Sister, which prayers are the most important ones for me to learn?”  Without a moment’s hesitation, Sister bent down and whispered in her ear, “You ARE the prayer, dear”.


Listen Attentively

You are the prayer!  You are enough!  You are the answer!  No matter what your life circumstances may be, you were made PERFECT in the eyes of the Creator of your understanding.  You have all the answers you need, right there inside you.  Sit in the quietest place you can and listen attentively for your answers.  Nobody else’s opinion is more important for your life, than your own.  Be the Light that shines within.  Be the Prayer!



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By:  Dr. Jayne Gibson – Copyright – All rights Reserved by the Author.

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