Celebration is an integral part of life, practiced by every culture on the planet and it goes back, as we can imagine, to the beginning of our human existence on earth. The return of the hunters-gatherers to the clan, after a successful hunt, must have invoked some collective, celebratory impulse amongst their grateful families.

At times it seems that there is an irrepressible, mysterious force that prompts women, men and children of the world to celebrate the milestones and miracles of their lives.

The unexpected moments of delight when we feel intensely connected to others, to the universe itself, and to the pleasures and privileges of what we have, is why we gather to celebrate. Celebration gives us moments to pause and be thankful, and to escape from the mundane routines of daily living.

Celebrations are held for weddings, births, deaths, warming up of new homes, coming of age, achievements, heroism, New Years, Mother Earth and goodbyes.

At any given moment, someone, somewhere on earth is Celebrating, something, with all the joy and enthusiasm that they hold in their heart. With all the belief and hope they can muster, for a new day, a new chapter, or a new journey that is about to unfold in their lives. These events bring us together as friends, family and community, building relationships, preserving family traditions, strengthening bonds and connecting us both spiritually and emotionally.

Are you getting married?


You are about to marry the most amazing person you have ever known.  Make your ceremony a Celebration of how you arrived at your wedding day and the hope and promise of what your new lives will be as a married couple.

As your Celebrant, I would be delighted to assist you in creating a customized ceremony that reflects your dreams and values and, to help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Did you buy a New House?


You walked into this house and just knew it was the one for you.  You could visualize where your furniture would go, right down to that favourite picture your Aunty gave you for Christmas.  You are so looking forward to a fresh start, in a new and bright space.  Now you want that space to be yours.

Blessing the house and having a move-in ceremony marks the time that you fill your brand new home with love and peace.  It creates a space that is truly yours and lets your light shine in each corner.

Do you feel the Seasons change?

You feel the need to stop for a moment and really celebrate the significance of the changing seasons if for no other reason other than to get grounded, get motivated and to take full advantage of the energy shift.


Spring Equinox:  The Sun has come out of its winter sleep and risen high in the sky again.  Our inward reflections are begging to come out and shine forth. We’re ready to plant our seeds, nurture them along and watch them grow.

Summer Solstice:  Are you feeling the fire in your belly to work, play and love with passion?  Our thoughts and energy are lighter, helping to generate ideas for projects and goals with grace and ease.


Fall Equinox:   It’s Harvest time! You’re grateful for the seeds you planted and what has come to fruition.  Your hard work has paid off and you feel ready to settle down and reap what you have sown.

Winter Solstice:  There’s a serenity in the darkness like no other time in the year.  You’re looking for warmth and comfort food.  Introspection is upon you once again giving you the opportunity to plan for the coming year as you wait the return of the Sun.


Has your new Baby arrived?


After nine long months of anticipation, your new bundle of joy has arrived. It’s time to celebrate and honour your new baby’s birth, and their name. Gather family and friends to mark this miracle in a spiritual and expressive Rite of Passage.

Is your creativity running amuck ?

At this point, your creativity is flowing freely and you’re coming up with all kinds of ideas and occasions to celebrate.  Let’s talk!  I’d love to build a ceremony, with inventive ideas, to bring meaning into your life and help you to mark your significant moments.


If you have questions or you’re ready to book your ceremony, please CONTACT ME.