Case Study – A Totally Possible Dream Wedding

By: Rev. Dr. Jayne A. Gibson

A Rustically West Coast Wedding

A Dream is Born

I was approached by a woman from another country, to perform a Renewal of Vows ceremony in the Vancouver area. Their request was to have a natural, rustic, Pagan ceremony at ocean side.

Together, we had a solid 7 months to plan, arrange, organize and perform her ceremony, to her specifications. I found out the creativity between the two of us was both exciting and so far reaching that we actually needed to compact our ideas for the ceremony in the end.

From Dream to Reality

This ceremony was to take place at the end of their 3 week, BC vacation. The only ones attending the ceremony were the Bride, Groom and their 4 year old son. She wanted her son to be part of the wedding celebration.

Being part of the Metaphysical Minister’s community, I knew all too well that my spiritual ideas may vary from hers. Considerable amounts of time were spent asking questions, getting answers and ideas, and ensuring that the ceremony I prepared was in alignment with her wishes. It was such a joy for me to create this amazing ceremony.

A Dream in Action

One of the first things I did was gather a team together. I contacted my Designer and solicited the assistance of a volunteer.

The next was to research Pagan ceremonies, her favourite Song, the Message in a Bottle, the traditional Hand- Fasting ritual, a Magic Spell and the Location.

What added to the intricacy of this ceremony was the language difference between my team and this couple. Her 4 year old son was concerned that he wouldn’t understand any of the ceremony.

After many brainstorming sessions via email these were the items we both wanted:

Ideas for Ceremony:

  • Create a ceremony with the help of the Spiritual Ancestors
  • Call on the 4 corners of the earth
  • Create a ceremony full of rituals – (spell casting for Love and Good Fortune)
  • Clear the energy of your existing rings
  • Invite the elements – or All My Relations to the ceremony
  • Light candles to bring in the light
  • Add feathers and other things that you have collected during your vacation
  • Make a connection with heaven by sending off Balloons – 8 balloons (infinity number)
  • Write inspiring words on the balloons in both languages
  • Ensure the inclusion of your son in every part of the ceremony (except the Vows)
  • Exchange your original rings and receive your son into the marriage
  • Exchange hand-made Ladybug bracelets
  • Rope to tie magical knots with wishes for a happy future – used during Hand-Fasting
  • Message-in-a-Bottle – family picture and family note inside
  • Bring personal items from original wedding: stole, tie, handkerchief
  • Place Memory items into a box at the ceremony
  • Write Vows inspired by your favourite song
  • Designer wedding Bouquet, flower Hair Wreath and Boutonnieres
  • Cast a Magical Spell for Love and Good Fortune

Specific arrangements made:

  • Hair stylist
  • Dinner reservations
  • Inform Hotel staff of the bride’s Birthday
  • Pick-up wedding items from the Hotel
  • Arrange for a Driver – to and from the location (including a car seat)
  • Source out suitable materials – Hand-Fasting Rope, Message-in-a-Bottle props, Balloons
  • Photographs of the special event
  • Translation of the ceremony into German (a surprise for their son)
  • Refreshments after the ceremony
  • Decorations for the ceremonial area

…And in the End

Preparation, practice and organization make for a perfect wedding day….mostly! There will always be some hitches along the way but with preparation, anything can happen and we can get right back on track.

The hitches included a pick-up in the wind, a bad traffic day causing the ceremony to start late and a ban on open flames in the park during drought conditions. Nothing that couldn’t be overcome or anticipated for an outdoor ceremony.

The venue was stunning. The Bride was beautiful and the couple could not have been happier. Even though my little 4 year old friend and I couldn’t speak the same language, there was an understanding when we looked into each other’s eyes that caused him to jump into my arms for the hugest hug ever, at the end of the day.

The experience of creating this Infinity Ceremony was a thrill indeed and knowing that it was a perfect ending to a wonderful vacation for my couple made it all the more magical and memorable.


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