Frequently Asked Questions:

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1)  How do I get started?

It’s as easy as sending an email or picking up the phone and booking a complimentary consultation with me, where I’ll answer your questions. I also ask you questions. For example: When is the wedding? (If I am already booked we can’t work together) and Where are you getting married?

email:               phone:  778-686-5830

From there, we can both decide if we are a good match and can work together to create the ceremony of your dreams.

I will guide you through the necessary steps to get married, like when and where to buy a marriage licence.

The business aspect is handled. We sign a contract between all of us and once my deposit is paid we are on our way to creating your completely customized wedding.


2)  What does a wedding look like?

Most ceremonies follow a pattern or a “flow”.

Let’s start with the basics: there is a beginning (Processional) and an ending (Recessional) and then, of course, the parts in the middle.

The parts in middle might include a Welcome to your guests, a brief Introduction as to how you arrived at your wedding day, your Love Story, your Vows and the Ring Exchange.  You also might want to have a loved one do a Reading or play a musical piece as a gift to you both.


3)  I don’t know how to put the flow of my ceremony together.

Not to worry, I have an example that I will send you.  From there, we can talk and re-arrange any of the parts to customize it to your exact vision.

Once I have completed writing your ceremony, I put the Order of Service (flow) together and forward it to you, your photographer and your DJ so that all the professionals you’ve hired, know what’s supposed to happen.  This way, you get set up for great photos!

In the end, how it all fits together is my responsibility.  That’s why you have chosen me to write your ceremony.  I take care of the final details so you can relax and enjoy your special day.


4)  How Do We Communicate?

We both need to keep the lines of communication open so that we can share our ideas and make the appropriate decisions, as they arise.  E-mail works well for me.  We can also meet as often as needed in order to get the details perfect.

I will send you a list of questions for you to complete.  These questions help me to write your customized wedding ceremony.  The more details you can give me, the better.


5)  What do YOU do Rev Jayne?

As a professional celebrant it is my responsibility to keep the bride and groom on track regarding their ceremony and marriage licence.

I’ll set a reminder date to purchase your Marriage License, about 2 months before your wedding.  I will send a list of 2-3 places where you could purchase your license.  I will also provide you with the information to take with you in order to make that process simple and easy.

The next part of the process involves you completing some simple questions.  From your answers and the dialogue between us, I will write your customized ceremony.  This is how your ceremony will stand out and be completely unique from anyone else’s.  There are no two ceremonies alike because there is no one else like the two of you!


6)  What do weddings require and what is the process involved?  

You are required to purchase a Marriage License ahead of time.  It needs to be signed by you two, your witnesses and myself during the ceremony along with the Registry (I bring this).

You complete an agreement (or contract) with me.  The agreement includes information like your venue, your contact information and your witness’s names.  It also has some useful information about times, dates, changes and rehearsals.

There are two other things within the ceremony, itself:

  • You and your witnesses will need to answer the question asking if there is anyone present who knows any just reason why you two should not be married. This is in accordance with the Marriage Act of BC.
  • You are required to say that you “take” the other, to be your husband/wife/beloved life partner. We would say words that are appropriate and comfortable for your occasion. Again, this is a requirement of the Marriage Act of BC.

The rest of the ceremony is up to us and we can be as creative as we want to be!


7)  How much does it cost?

Wedding Ceremonies start at $350.00 and include everything you need for an elegant and charming ceremony.

The Signature Ceremony (ideal for 40 or less guests) is a lovely, hand-written ceremony that does not include any customization.  You can choose from 4 pre-written Vows, taking the pressure off to come up with Vows on your own.

The most popular choice is to have your Love Story told at your wedding and then add a Ceremony-within-a-Ceremony (please see Question #9 for details).  These extra bits add a sparkle to your ceremony that make it personal and unique to you.  Please visit the Ideas Page to get a better idea of all the possibilities.

Add a few or add a lot of extra pieces.  The choice is yours.  You might also like to have me as your Consultant and be involved in planning your wedding.  It would be my pleasure to do that with you.

Let’s talk about your ideas and I’d be happy to offer you a quote.

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date and start the creative work, for your dream day.


8)  Why a deposit?

It’s so both of us are protected.

This deposit starts the process of developing your amazing ceremony and saves your date/time from being taken by another couple.

For all ceremonies, I require ½ the fee as a non-refundable deposit.

Once the deposit is paid, I start working on your wedding ceremony.


9)  What is a “Ceremony-within-a-Ceremony”?

This is how we truly personalize your special day. It’s an extra part that we add into your wedding ceremony where you can symbolize your relationship in a unique way.

For example, you may want to have a Ceremony that your children or your pets share in, to symbolize the “union” of the family coming together on your wedding day.

One couple built a campfire and had their children light the fire (we used candles) with them at the end.

Candle-Lighting ceremonies can symbolize the elders of the family passing their soul’s flame through the family to the newlyweds.

One out-of-town Grandmother was thrilled to be able to participate when she lit her candle over a Skype call.

We can be totally creative when it comes to how you want to symbolize your relationship.  What I will tell you is that, every time I have done this with a couple, the guests have been mesmerized.


10)  Why do you charge so much and what will I get for my money?

– Why should I hire you and not a cheaper Officiant?

Much of my cost is the time required for the customization of your vows and ceremony, travel time to and from the venue for rehearsals, answering emails, following up with the bride and groom to help them complete the necessary steps for a successful and memorable wedding day.

I spend time getting to know you as a couple and your love story, so I can incorporate that into your wedding ceremony.

No two ceremonies are the same.  I personally don’t like a boring, stuffy, emotionless, legally binding ceremony that’s been repeated for every couple 1,000 times.  I don’t imagine that you do either!

When you hire me, you can be assured that I will create a hand-crafted ceremony written just for you.

Research, attention to detail and unlimited support is part of the service that I provide to each of my valued couples.  I will keep us organized, nurture the process along and take the worry away so that you can relax and enjoy your day.  My guess is that an inexpensive Officiant will not do this kind of work on your behalf.


11)  I’m afraid that I will be so nervous on my wedding day that I will fall apart and be embarrassed.

You are not alone in your concern.  What I find helps the most is knowledge.

Once we have agreed on the components of your ceremony, I will provide you with a document called the Order of Service.  This will give you information about what comes first, next and how the ceremony ends.   A rehearsal also helps immensely.

Often, this is all it takes to settle those nerves.


12)  Why do I need a Rehearsal?

I encourage every couple to plan for a rehearsal.

Rehearsals do a number of wonderful things:

  • They take all of the “What if this happens…” out of the equation.
  • They help iron out any wrinkles,
  • Help to make any last minute decisions and
  • We walk through the moments of the ceremony so that you can have a flawless wedding day.

This will definitely alleviate your stress and nerves!


13)  What makes you different?

There are so many details to look after and protocols to wade through that they can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I can help by taking the lead on your ceremony and your rehearsal.  As an ordained Minister, weddings are my specialty and my passion.

I provide care and focus for your ceremony that can alleviate fears and concerns about this important piece to your day.    I will help you organize and prepare by providing Marriage License information, a customized Order of Service, and, of course, ensure that you are legally married.

You will always be offered a variety and choices about your ceremony.  I will listen carefully to all your ideas, then, together we will decide which pieces we want to put into your customized ceremony.

It will be a Celebration of how you arrived at your wedding day and the hope and promise of what your new lives will be as a married couple.


14)  What wedding priority do most couples have – their ceremony or the reception?

This is an excellent question and worthy of thought and conversation.  You will want to be asking yourself a few extra questions while in the planning stages.

  • Is it important to me that my guests are taken into consideration at my wedding?
  • Is my wedding day mostly about me and my beloved?
  • How do I want to spend my budget?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, they are just things to ponder over and, the answers can set the stage while you are planning.


15)  What’s the big deal about the Ceremony?

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day.  You arrive at the altar as single people.  It is during the ceremony that you will make your Vow/Pledge to one another, exchange rings and be pronounced, Married!

This is the actual reason why you have gathered your loved ones, friends and family around you.  Without the ceremony, you will only have a wonderful party and/or family reunion.

It is worth budgeting for a special ceremony and to make this day the one you have always dreamed of.


16)  What is your experience with the number of guests at the ceremony?

I’m not shy when it comes to welcoming your guest whether there are 250+ or simply the two of you and your witnesses.

It is preferable to have a microphone when there are more than 20 guests.  Each guest likes to feel like they are part of your ceremony.  If they can’t hear, we’ll lose their attention.  Your guests will have a much richer experience when they hear everything – especially your Vows!


17)  Can you marry us outdoors or in a church?

Indoor weddings, weddings in the Forest or at the Seaside are all beautiful choices.  I always leave the venue choice up to you.

I certainly can perform weddings in a church however, to be respectful of the traditions and policies of that church, it would be best to discuss our plans with the priest or minister ahead of time.  I would be more than pleased to assist with that process.


18)   Do you do mixed cultural weddings?  Will you perform an LBGTQ wedding?

I officiate for couples who are serious about getting married and wanting to make a commitment to each other. So, the answer is Yes!  I have performed several mixed cultural, mixed spiritual, LBGTQ (same sex) and multi-generational weddings.

I would be happy to weave in any family or cultural traditions or just create something fresh and different that pleases you.


19)  Do you perform different kinds of blessings?  

As an ordained Minister I do tend to write my own blessings.  Blessings are very personal so I would only include one that you agreed to; never forcing you into something that is uncomfortable.

Some families have blessings or traditions that have been passed down for generations and if you had something in mind, I would be more than happy to include it for you (or for your Grandmother or parents).


20)  Will you include my pet?

I am also a pet parent so writing or creating something special for your pet is a pleasure and I welcome it. Your pet is also welcome to participate in your ceremony.


21)  Do you perform Legal weddings?

Yes!!  I am an ordained Minister and I am registered with Vital Statistics of British Columbia.  When I perform your marriage ceremony, it is a legal and binding ceremony.  You will be legally married.

Once the Registry and Marriage License are signed (done during your ceremony), I forward them to Vital Statistics and you can expect to receive your official Marriage License in the mail within 2-3 weeks of your ceremony.


22)  How do you keep Spirit in your ceremonies?

I am a Metaphysical Minister.  Here is the definition that I strive to live by:

Metaphysics is the exploration of Human Potential in a holistic way – physical, mental and spiritual, together with the Soul’s purpose –  in search of the ultimate God or Universal Truth within us – The sharing of Love, and a lifestyle that produces fulfillment and happiness on a consistent basis.

I know all too well that I am not here to preach to anyone or to convert anyone.  I am only an observer of life; finding my own way through it without judgement towards anyone or myself.

What I do know is that the Creator of my understanding, Great Spirit, the Universe, the Creator of All that Is (whatever your understanding is), is nothing but pure Love energy, which we all share.  I truly love my clients and the work that I do with you.  Through the process of building our relationship, I am fulfilled.

Spirit is present when I witness the love between the two of you and you are able to share what that love means to you.