Mountains, Crystals and Sacred Space


The crystals were carefully placed and the candles were lit with the picturesque mountains in full view. Our groom chose this room for the wedding because of its stunning view. This was a small, intimate wedding, with just the immediate family.

This couple and their family are very spiritual so they really wanted words and sentiments in their ceremony that reflected those values. I took my inspiration for this customized ceremony from the mountains, ocean and spiritual energy of this gorgeous city of Vancouver.


To make it more special, one daughter brought a selection of beautiful crystals and put them on display. She also did a candle ceremony for the couple, to wish them love and spiritual light energy on their wedding day. She brought two larger candles and dedicated one to her dad and one to the bride. She lit them strategically during the ceremony. This lovely symbolization added an extra special element that personalized the ceremony perfectly.

Create and define the sacred space between you

The energy grew stronger and Love was definitely in the air as we finished up the paperwork. I offered them some wedding well-wishes. This was one of them:

“As you create and define the sacred space between you and as the newness of this year unfolds; May you always find newness in the love you have for each other”.


And then….as they were pronounced Husband and Wife, their family began to cheer and there were hugs all around, not to mention champagne and carrot cake!!


Ready to Create your Ceremony?

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