“Although she could feel that the earth was getting warmer; it wasn’t that! She was also grateful for the longer days. It was so much easier to gather food. But, it wasn’t that either! It was the constant, demanding voice; Relentless in its pursuit. The voice wasn’t in her head; it came straight from her heart. It was a yearning, a pining, a calling, an awakening within her.  Enlightenment was suddenly upon her and in that moment, she spread her wings as wide as she could, caught the air, and took flight. It was the voice of Springtime, beckoning Little Robin Red Breast, to come home”.

It’s Spring Time!


It’s springtime! There is a renewed sense of excitement, anticipation and the feeling that something different is about to burst forth. As the participants arrived for the Spring Equinox Ceremony there was a flurry of activity and greetings just before we settled down into the sacred circle, the curtains were closed and the lights went out. The scent of Sandalwood filled the  ceremonial space. We sat in silence to honour the preparations, planning and blessings we received during the winter season. Sandalwood helps to release the past and encourages transition.


Drummers say that the Heartbeat rhythm played on the drum echoes the heartbeat of Mother Earth. As the drum sang out this rhythm, a special blessing was offered to Mother Earth and the Spring, asking them to help us awaken the inner light we had been nurturing all winter, expand it, and share that light with the outside world, once again.

This Equinox is a time to mark the coming of Spring and the Fertility of the land. We have finally come out of the death sleep of winter and the earth is reborn. It is during the Spring Equinox that we observe the birth, death and rebirth cycle. Nature is constantly giving and receiving. Spring is a time to re-balance not only for ourselves, but for human kind as a whole. Healing occurs when we circulate good energy and allow our good feeling to flow forth, to all of those we greet.

To honour Nature’s giving and receiving process, participants were asked to share a Quote, Saying or Words of Wisdom with someone else in the group. We were reminded that we were not giving to just one person but to the greater life force that is such an essential part of how the universe works.

“We are all connected: To each other, biologically; to the earth, chemically; to the rest of the universe, atomically”  ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

“You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are”  ~ Amy Poehler


We planted our seeds and “grew” our hopes and dreams during a guided meditation, hand written just for this occasion. As a physical reminder of those “growing seeds”, we potted a Spring plant, ever mindful of the nourishment Mother Earth offers us and the warmth so freely given by Father Sun. We gave our little plant a breath of air by blowing positive energy onto it and we completed our planting task by offing our young plant a drink of cool fresh water. These are the four elements that every living being needs to flourish, on this earth plain.


During this 2015 Equinox we experienced a Cosmic Phenomenon. Not only was the energy shifted because of the Equinox itself, but there was also a Super Moon and a Solar Eclipse! With all of this dramatic energy surrounding us, some may have felt their head spinning.

New Moons and Eclipses

New beginnings always come with a New Moon. Whether we were ready for it or not, this particular moon happened to be a Super Moon so it was a “Super New Moon”, and we felt those new beginnings coming at us in full force.   This Super New Moon is in the astrological sign of Pisces which is a water sign. The water signs are always about our emotional side and since Pisces notoriously affects our psyche and emotional nature this can be quite an upsetting time. The good news is that a new moon in Pisces also has remarkable healing properties.

An Eclipse is always about change. It represents the birth, life and rebirth concepts; a closing off of one aspect of your life, moving that aspect into the darkness (or putting it to bed) and then coming out the other side, into a new beginning.

Needless to say, we have had an incredible influx of new energy, thrust upon us all in a very short period of time – have you caught your breath yet? Our ceremony served as a grounding point where we brought the understanding of these energies into our awareness, together, in a safe and supportive space.


March has certainly come in like a lion and with any luck it will go out like a lamb. Ceremony offers, comfort, healing, a lot of fun and a great way to welcome in a new season, all shared with like minded souls.

 Here’s what participants said:

“I’m excited about spring coming and I wanted to celebrate its arrival. I have enjoyed the previous celebrations so I wanted to participate in this one. I enjoyed the guided meditation and sharing the quotes. It’s nice to meet new people and also to get together with a familiar, comfortable group”.   ~ Megan H ~


“I attended a celebration led by Jayne, and it took me by surprise. I am not generally considered a spiritually inclined individual – quite the contrary. However, the ceremony brought me the serenity and motivation I needed to kick start the new beginnings that accompany spring time.

Jayne’s voice instills a sense of peace in those around her. She was welcoming, comforting and professional through and through. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a quality Officiant”.  ~ E.C. ~


“I was curious about Jayne’s Spring Equinox ceremony and didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy, fun and meaningful it was. Although we did not know each other, every person participated in the ceremonial activities without feeling uncomfortable or pressured. The mix of activities kept the energy up throughout the event. I believe even my friends – who do not meditate or do any esoteric activities – would have had fun and felt relaxed attending. That’s quite a feat!

The spring ceremony I attended was a welcome break from the stress I have been feeling. It allowed me to step back and take a look at my life with a clearer head and a lighter heart. My rating: 10 out of 10!”  ~ Monique K ~

If you are interested in joining us for our next celebration, please LET ME KNOW and I’ll be sure to include you on my email list.