Sunshine in April


Happy is the Bride that the Sun Shines upon – and our bride was so very happy on her special day. It had been dark and rainy for most of the late April week, until her Wedding Day!! This made most of the bridal party very nervous as they all switched on the Weather Channel, every hour on the hour!

The wedding venue was in picturesque Langley, tucked away between the lush green farm fields of the area. It had a rustic and homey feel to it; perfect for a small, intimate wedding. There is a romantic pond in the middle of the grounds that even has an island, with a swing bridge to walk across. The buildings are decorated to look like the Old West creating lots of fun opportunities for photographs.


Rehearsals are so important

It became abundantly clear how important the rehearsal was; because of the lay-out of the property and it being an outdoor wedding. During the rehearsal we shared so many laughs and if the TV show had have been filming, this would have aired on the Bloopers. We worked out the logistics of how and where everyone was supposed to walk and stand, and called it a night.

Rehearsals are so important. I recommend you schedule one for these reasons:

  • Eliminates pre-ceremony nerves
  • Helps co-ordinate everyone in the wedding party
  • To practice timing
  • Lets everyone in the wedding party know the flow of the ceremony
  • Helps make things nice for wedding pictures
  • Finalizes details that may not have been anticipated during the planning
  • Relax and have a little fun before the big day

As the music started the guests grew quiet to watch the procession. The proud Mother-of-the-Bride was escorted in by her two sons and our Groomsmen lined up on the swing bridge, anticipating the arrival of the Bride’s Maids. Dawned in Coral coloured pink and cowboy boots, one by one they walked up a winding path, greeted by their Groom’s Man, and were escorted to their positions to witness the ceremony.


Meanwhile, our Groom was waiting on the island with his parents, who walked him up to the front of the ceremonial area, in preparation to greet his lovely bride. And then…the moment we had all been waiting for. Tears began to well up while we watched our Bride and her beaming Dad, walk up the winding path to join her groom. And the ceremony began.


This ceremony was sweet and simplistic. I asked the guests if they would support this couple as they enter into their married lives together. They loved being able to have a part to play in the ceremony. Having the guests participate felt like they were united, as a group, and also with the couple. At the Bride’s request, the final Blessing for the ceremony was the Blessing of the Hands, which is just a beautiful blessing that talks about how their hands will love and tenderly care for each other through all the years of their lives.


With that….they were pronounced Husband and Wife and sealed their ceremony and Vows with a Kiss. What a pleasure it was to unite this couple in marriage.


I went away from this ceremony with my heart full, intuitively feeling the “forever” bond between this couple. I can’t wait to watch how their lives unfold.


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Acknowledgments: Photography by: Jewell Adornments Photography