Testimonials – Spiritual Healing:

“I came to Jayne through a peculiar synchronicity involving my acupuncturist’s recommendation of a psychic, two broken Christmas tree lights and work in Gibsons. At the time I had no desire to see a psychic due to past history. But the synchronicity was too compelling to be ignored and so I went. I rationalized it because I would experience Reiki for the first time, which I’d wanted to do for many years. And, after reading up on her, I was very curious to learn about Theta healing. Her description of it reminded me in many ways of the process I’d read about much earlier in a book called The Nature of Personal Reality, a book that I know helped save my life.

The Reiki was wonderful! My troubled knee felt immediately better, and we spent our time together often having that knee being fixed after I would hurt it for various reasons. And the energy shifts and changes in my body I felt during the Reiki was truly invigorating and healing for the rest of me, both mind and body.

However, my discovery of Theta healing with Jayne was life-changing. I came to Jayne as my 36 year marriage was coming to a slow and grueling end after I had begun to actually make progress with getting some individual freedom and growth after my life-long struggle with co-dependency. With Jayne I discovered hidden ‘truths’ and blocks. After our time together, along with my practice of yoga and meditation, I discovered spontaneity, life, humour and joy.

Jayne participated with me, helping me to help my Self. With her gentle and humorous guidance and healing practices, I discovered something I hadn’t done ever before that I can remember: being alive, truly alive. It is an amazing feeling, and not what you can know by reading about it in books. And I know that, after having spent a lifetime reading books to heal the shame that hurt me. What more need be said. Well, except, of course, thank you Jayne!”  ~ Guy D.


“I have had the privilege of having Rev. Dr. Jayne provide Theta healing treatments on me for my health issues concerning thyroid health and back pain.  Dr. Jayne was able to make a very accurate medical diagnosis of the cause of my health problems.  In her treatment sessions she is very thorough and uses a variety of healing modalities such as Mediumship and distance healing that was the cornerstone of stimulating the healing process.   Dr. Jayne is very gifted in the work that she does and performs her work with integrity and kindness.  I am very grateful for having Dr. Jayne part of my healing team.  Thank You!”

Doreen Hill ~ Doreen Hill Acupuncture, New Westminster, BC  www.doreenhill.com


“Jayne Gibson is an excellent healer and psychic counsellor. Her distance healing is excellent and she is very attuned psychically. I have called on her quite often over the years and her insights are right on.”

Enjolie Marchant


“For several years my grown up son was very anxious and fearful, could not eat or sleep, had lost a lot of weight, and had tried committing suicide 3 times. He kept going downhill…….till I met Rev. Dr. Jayne. Within minutes of a healing by her, I felt a huge shift in my son’s and my own energy. Today, six months later, I have my original son back: healthy, happy and back at work. I am forever indebted to Jayne for her expertise, kindness and love to us – she went way beyond what I expected of her. I would highly recommend her for any kind of Healing.”