Testimonials – Weddings and Renewal of Vows:



"Wow, where do I begin with this review? I would honestly rather write a letter of appreciation to Jayne for all that she did for us over the years after continuous postponement of our wedding due to COVID-19 and how beautiful of a ceremony she prepared for us.

Before we got married my fiancé and I knew that we wanted to do a traditional Celtic Hand-Fasting ceremony. It appeared that finding an officiant who does this was a little challenging as it seems it’s an uncommon practice... but then we found Jayne here on WeddingWire! We decided to meet her after looking at her page/reviews and to see if she would be the right fit for us. Was she EVER! Her personality, energy and charisma is absolutely stunning and she is someone who you can truly talk to and be yourself around. We really appreciate how comfortable we were around her. We knew this was going to be special.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit before we could get married and we decided to postpone our wedding TWICE due to gathering restrictions. Jayne was so supportive and understanding with our choice to wait as she understood it was extremely important for us to have everyone there with us. She was also available at any time to help guide us and answer any questions or concerns we had. She was also kind enough to touch base with us every once in a while as we kept aiming for a new date. The entire process was very calm and exciting for us even though it took years of waiting and she ensured everything transitioned over seamlessly.

When rehearsal time finally arrived Jayne ran the show and kept everyone organized and made sure they understood their role and how to do it. We even asked her to practice a few more times and she was more than happy to oblige. She wanted to make sure we were good to go. The day of the wedding was so exciting for us as she knew how long we waited for this moment. It made everything more personal for us because she had been part of our journey for so long after we kept postponing the date.

Jayne was so thoughtful in helping us plan the entire ceremony. She gave us lots of options and ideas on how to go about what we envisioned. It was so custom and tailored to us that we received SO MANY compliments from our guests. It was a beautiful ceremony created just for us. In fact, I still receive comments from guests now and again!

I am sad this process has come to a close for us but I will always hold a special place in my heart for Jayne and all that she helped us achieve on the most important day of our lives.

Thank you Jayne from the bottom of our hearts! You are a beautiful soul and we cannot wait to see you again someday! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors my friend!" ~ The Breens

"Wow! Thank you so much for that amazing ceremony, our guests were raving about it! I couldn't imagine a more personalized way to be married!

You have no idea the amount of people who told us that they wish YOU had married them because of how unique this ceremony was. Thank you for letting us be ourselves, and playing into our vision for the day. We had so much fun, we are already talking about doing a vow renewal in 10 years!"  ~  Alexa and Colin Tapp

One of a kind

"We originally met with Jayne in early 2019 to have her marry us in 2020. However, the pandemic hit and we had to postpone our wedding to 2021. When we realized we couldn't have the wedding of our dreams in 2021, we postponed again to 2022. It was a difficult decision to do so, but Jayne was flexible, understanding, and was there with us each step of the way. She genuinely cares about us and wants what's best for us. She created a one-of-a-kind ceremony for us. All of our guests really enjoyed the love story she wrote. It was so beautifully written, and funny as well! There was never a boring moment at our ceremony!!"  ~ Mr. and Mrs. Pham

"Jayne was the officiant for our wedding and we couldn’t be happier!! She was very helpful before our big day and the ceremony she performed for us was absolutely amazing! She listened to what we wanted and what was important to us. It was perfect ❤️" ~ Sharon and Larry

"Jayne was really warm hearted person for us. We had to postpone several times for our wedding, but she understood and accepted our situation. We were really happy that she was our minister."  ~ Geonsik and Jia

"Jayne has been with my now Husband and me on our wedding celebration for about 2 years due to the many changes in date due to covid-19. She has been incredibly hard-working and flexible the whole time. Jayne has probably spent hours with us on the phone/ via zoom to ensure we got the ceremony we wanted. She also was very organized and full of valuable advice which is an asset to a bit of a disorganized bride like me. There have been a few times where I forgot a meet-up and she turned her car around just to be supportive. She ensured to provide a helpful timeline and email reminders. Jayne also made sure that our ceremony was both timeless and unique at the same time. I had a few people both as invited guests and on- lookers come up to us and say that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they've ever seen. She also ensured that our rehearsal was efficient and that the wedding party was well informed of the ceremony timeline. The day of the wedding she had a balance of humor and beautiful sentiments during the ceremony to make us feel at ease. She also navigated a mixed culture ceremony well. I cannot recommend Jayne enough for a beautiful and memorable wedding!!" ~ J & J Nguyen

Jayne was a huge help to us and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a wedding officiant. We were planning our own small sized wedding and had no idea what to look for in an officiant, and with Jayne we got everything we wanted and more! She helped us with planning the ceremony, sorting out all the details, and adding in extra elements we wouldn't have thought of on our own (in our specific case this included having a candle ceremony and having poetry readings from friends). Jayne has a great eye for detail and her suggestions for how to set up the ceremony and how to do music added a lot to the event. Whatever you're looking for in a wedding, I'm confident, Jayne will know how to pull it off. Thanks Jayne for helping us to have a ceremony we'll remember fondly forever! ~ Mark and Christy

Jayne is very excellent officiant, very responsible and very personal. I totally refer her to my friends or family. She is always updating us of what’s happening, helping us to what we need and she taking care of us. We love her ❤ ~ Marjie and Marck

We hired Jayne for our legal civic ceremony Nov. 23, 2019, and also had her booked for our wedding/ceremony July 17, 2020. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 and gathering restrictions our event is cancelled. However, Kevin and I are so grateful to have had someone so caring and thoughtful involved in this process! ~ Amrita and Kevin

"I don't have a single negative thing to say about our experience with Jayne. She was professional, informative, and incredibly personable. My husband and I got engaged AND planned a wedding in a month. Jayne was on board from the beginning and helped make the entire experience so special and smooth. We decided to write our own vows and Jayne provided us with some guidelines and tips which made writing our vows far less intimidating. My husband is from Wales, and due to COVID, his family and friends weren't able to make it. We did do a live stream for our ceremony, and Jayne did a fabulous job including all our virtual guests. Our ceremony was so beautiful and Jayne’s personal touches really made it extra special. Thank you Jayne for being part of our day!!!"  ~  Emily and Kyle

Jayne was the perfect person to marry us on our day. She really took the time and effort to get to know us on a personal level which made our ceremony feel very intimate, relaxed and personal. We are highly appreciative of her services and would definitely recommend her to others. Thank you Jayne!"   ~ Emilie & Brad

"Al and I want to thank you for helping us to renew our vows to each other.  It was very powerful.  We both feel it is the beginning of a new journey for us.  My family obligations are over now so we are back in the same house again, and spending some much needed time together.  I went for a long walk today and cried for all the things that kept us apart.  This is like a new starting place for us.  Thank you so much for the new beginning.  It means everything to us."   ~ Diane and Al

"We had a great experience with Jayne, I would recommend her to anyone! Our ceremony went by smoothly, only because of Jayne and her guidance/advice and attention to detail. Our love story was well spoken and funny. Her positive energy lifted us through a very stressful day. I only put 4 stars out of 5 for value because I don't think we truly took advantage of her full potential services. It's not a knock on her, like I said, if you want a unique celebration, please look for Jayne Gibson."  ~ Ivy Chung ~

"Jayne was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a ceremony that was very meaningful, spiritual and connected to the beauty of Mother Nature. She was so flexible and offered allot of amazing ideas after hearing what our vision was. She truly listened to what we wanted. After our ceremony and at the reception the guests were going on about how amazing and moving the ceremony was and so personal. They also said they loved Jayne's energy and personality that made for a memorable ceremony."  ~ Erin and Michelle

“Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding - you were so much more than an officiant! Your guidance was invaluable - you helped make the whole song and dance of planning a wedding a much smoother ride! And the ceremony was beautiful - thank you for your consideration and understanding of us as a couple. It fit us beautifully.  We're so grateful!”

~ Hannah and Lydia

"Jayne was so amazing and did such a good job. Everyone loved her, she personalized our ceremony to be like our dream come true. She made us feel very calm and helped us be very organized. She's funny and made us a beautiful love story we will never forget. I would never have gone with another officiant and would love to work with Jayne again someday. Our sand ceremony was beautiful." ~ Abby and Pedram

“Jayne has such a creative mind when it comes to customizing your wedding ceremony. We answered a few questions and within a couple of days she had started to work on a ceremony that was so unique. All of our guests loved it especially because it was so unique and had not really been seen before. If you are looking for a bright and special ceremony I would definitely recommend Jayne!”

~ Josee Rugge

“Jayne is just the greatest. A wedding by Jayne is not just a well-run legal or religious affair, but a true celebration of what makes your love unique and extraordinary. She brings the sparkle. She has a gift to draw your guests in to your story, to a sacred place of witnessing and participating. Honestly, it’s transcendent! I’ve been to several weddings, and the two she officiated (my own and my best friend’s) are by far the ones that stick in my memory. We had several friends and relatives tell us “that was the best wedding – ever!” And she’s incredibly down to earth, sweet, funny, and caring right through the process of planning and preparing for the big day. If you want a nurturing, spiritual and engaged wedding planning and wedding day, call Dr. Jayne.”

~ Kesia N.

“It is a pleasure and an honour to work with Jayne. She brought so much more to our wedding than we ever could have asked for – she helped us find a venue, was our lifeline in the planning process, and coached us through the ceremony development and vow writing…and then she delivered the most heartfelt custom ceremony that beautifully represented who we are and how much we love each other and our families. We and our guests were completely blown away and delighted. Jayne brings warmth, brightness, and her love of humanity to her work, and we are so grateful for her.”
~ Tim B.

“We found Jayne / Our Own Celebration online and were immediately drawn to her interesting ceremony ideas and positive energy that shone through in her writing.

We met with her on several occasions on the lead-up to the big day, exchanging stories and just getting to know each other so that she could tailor a ceremony that perfectly suited our relationship.

We spent several hours, chatting over the phone and met in person on two occasions- even prior to the rehearsal. And by the day of the wedding, we felt like we were being wedded by a friend we’d known for years.

She’s polite, well-spoken, funny (with an infectious positive attitude) and very well organized; Taking many notes and never missing a detail.

Jayne put together a truly beautiful ceremony for my wife and I and was very accommodating to any unusual requests. She was also always willing to pick up the phone at times when we were stressed and needed some advice or just a calming presence.

We can’t recommend Jayne enough.

Thanks Jayne!!” ~ James + Rheannon

“Jayne was the best officiant to have, she took the time to come to my location around my schedule. She asked questions and made the ceremony wonderful for non-religious people. She told our love story with such fun and laughter but also took the time to do a rehearsal till she felt we were ready. For anyone looking to have a ceremony that is completely different and unique that everyone can remember. I would highly recommend her.”

~ Christine W.

“Thank you very much for our ceremony. We are both very grateful and happy.  We could not wish for anything better. Everything was perfect Jayne.  “Us” in every way.  It could not have been better.”

~ Yulia and Steve

“Jayne was by far the highlight of our day. Neither my husband nor I could have had this most beautiful ceremony without her. I’m glad we went with her as she was able to customize everything to us. I have had nothing but compliments on how beautiful our ceremony was.”

~ Michelle Medeiros

“Jayne was very professional and was able to tell our love story perfectly, and went along with our humor! We also included our dog in our ceremony and Jayne fully embraced that.  She came up with a bunch of ways we could include him. Definitely recommend!”

~ Justine Cook

“We really think you are a wonderful lady and you are such an amazing writer and celebrant. I am so glad you have married us twice.  If we do it again we will definitely call you…and I know we will be in touch again because you have found a place in our lives and I hope you are there for all the important sacred rituals. Big hugs and many Blessings.”

~ April, Tom, Lilly and Dom

“We were so grateful to have Jayne officiate our wedding. She took the time to meet with us, to learn our values and what was most meaningful to us. She brought with her many wonderful thoughts and suggestions, but was also highly flexible and tailored the service to exactly what we hoped it would be. This included a short hike into the forest to our ceremony venue! We would highly recommend Jayne to anyone seeking a personal ceremony for your wedding or celebration.”

~ Alisha Hahn

“Jayne was amazing, she customized our ceremony so that it was uniquely us and we received so many compliments on it I was amazed. We did a Celtic knot ceremony that had all my guests laughing at one moment and in tears the next and her personalization of our love story was perfect. She worked with us to make sure our day-of, ran perfectly and seamlessly for the ceremony. Thank you Jayne for your time and amazing ceremony it was truly the best day of my life so far and we thank you for being a part of it.”

~ Erin P.

“Jayne helped us put together the perfect ceremony, one we had dreamed of! She listened very well with amazing attention to details and was so nice to work with, her energy was calming and positive over the time we met. We wanted something small, intimate and something a little different. She was able to include a piece of everything we asked for and more. Jayne helped us to understand all that we needed to know before, during and after the wedding day. Jayne also put a lot of dedication to making our certificate just right, as well as our hand fasting rope. Our day will be unforgettable, for all the right reasons!”

~ Kamille

“She was amazing and so nice! It was very easy for us to get in touch with her and had a great connection. We had a wonderful time with Jayne from start to end. Thank you Jayne”.

~ R. & C. Kim

“I want to sincerely thank you for coming to our wedding and being part of the ceremony. You really helped me and Adam through this, and I can’t stress this enough, you’re a life saver to our wedding plan. I’m glad you got some kisses from Beemo, he really loves giving kisses away! We were all amazed at how he was during the ceremony, but I bet he did steal our thunder (but who could resist?!)”

~ S.W. Williams

“Jayne was such a lovely person to marry us. As we met her and communicated back and forth she really was able to capture our relationship and make our day beyond magical! We highly recommend her to anybody looking for someone special to marry them in the area. She is such a kind, funny, and sensible soul. We are highly appreciative of her services.”

~ Jazmine Cordova

“Jayne provides an amazing service. Her professionalism and authenticity was felt by everyone. All our guests really enjoyed the service that she specially created for the two of us. She went above and beyond to make sure our special day was memorable.”

~ Angela

“Working with Rev. Dr. Jayne Gibson has been nothing but an absolute pleasure! She really took the time and made the effort to get to truly know us and listen to what we had envisioned our wedding ceremony to be – and she sure exceeded our expectations! She is patient and has excellent communication skills, without a doubt we would recommend using her!”

~ Shaz T.

“When my partner and I decided to move up our wedding last minute we found ourselves out of our depth and unsure if we would be able to secure someone to officiate with only a month notice (and with a December date!). Jayne responded to us quickly and instantly we were comfortable and knew that she was the perfect fit for us.

Jayne was hands-on right away, helping us with planning not only the ceremony but also with ensuring we had a venue, photographer, music, and many things that had not occurred to us we would need! She checked in regularly to help us stay on task in our short time frame and had even arranged a back-up location for us in case of snow! Speaking to Jayne during this time felt like I was speaking with a long-lost aunt, instantly familiar and loving and a joy to work with.

On our wedding day Jayne was a solid rock in our haphazard last-minute wedding, helping direct our family and arrange chairs and ease our nerves. The ceremony itself was beautiful, Jayne’s words and calm loving energy was lovely. We were also able to incorporate our traditional first nation’s ceremonial rituals into it which Jayne weaved in respectfully and wonderfully. Jayne was a joy to have and I feel safe to say our wedding would not have been half as smooth and beautiful without her input and participation.

Thank you Jayne, for everything you did for us.”

~ D. Wilson

“Jayne helped us put together the ceremony we had imagined & hoped for. She made the whole process a bit less stressful and we knew we could count on her to deliver a great ceremony. She took the time to get to know both my fiancé and I, and to listen to what we each wanted our ceremony to consist of as well as helped us with her own ideas and inspirations. The candle ceremony was a great piece tying in our ceremony in a spiritual way. :)”

~ Yulia M.

“We chose Dr. Jayne Gibson as our officiant as she was accommodating to the type of ceremony we wanted. She was very professional, well organized and had a great idea for a ceremony within a ceremony that was perfect for us as a couple! She really personalized the ceremony and made us feel very relaxed, adding in some humour about how we met. An added bonus was the Certificate of Marriage and copy of our ceremony she gave us, what an awesome keepsake! My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Jayne Gibson!”

~ Susan and David

“We were so glad to have Jayne as our Marriage Officiant. She listened carefully to our ideas and really captured our sentiments for each other and our special day. We gave Jayne our thoughts about our vows and she helped to put them into words that we were proud to say to each other. She was careful to ensure that our ceremony was more about us getting married than it was about us being a same-sex couple. We asked to have the singing of Oh Canada incorporated into our ceremony because of our belief that Canada is a country of equality. She presented some thoughts about Canada that were truly touching and honouring. We highly recommend Rev. Dr. Jayne for any wedding ceremony.”

~ Kevin Y

“We sought out to have a ceremony that celebrated us, one that was simple yet elegant. Jayne helped us achieve this. She worked with us to create a unique and personal moment. Without bias, many of our guests felt it was one of the most genuine ceremonies they had attended. The ceremony was beautiful and perfect. Jayne was easy to work with and far better value than other celebrants we had met with. We highly recommend her service.”

~ L.K.

“Jayne was absolutely amazing! She is competent, organized, reliable and professional. She helped us immensely to ensure that our ceremony reflected who we were as a couple. She really went out of her way to create a unique and memorable experience. Feedback from our guests was positive as well, they said they had never witnessed a ceremony like the one we had which included a picture puzzle and also involved our guests. Thank you so much Jayne! Exceptional value for the service you receive, well worth the fee.”

~ Carol U.

“My wife and I are extremely happy to have chosen Jayne to officiate our wedding. She helped us plan every aspect of our wedding, she hosted / MC’d the actual event, wrote and performed beautiful custom vows for us, and drafted our beautiful certificate. She made our wedding really special and classy. It was non-religious but she managed to add a “blessing of the hands” ceremony which added some importance and spirituality to the event. She planned a detailed Order of Service so we knew what to do every step of the ceremony, and helped us make sure we knew what our best man, bridesmaid and guests should be doing and what supplies we needed. She helped us with a nice tablecloth and PA system and stereo system for the event as well. Jayne was fast to respond to our questions by email or phone and provided suggestions advice and encouragement as we planned the event from getting our marriage license to making sure we had everything right for our ceremony, Jayne did it all. She worked with the photographer and other guests to make sure the event ran smoothly and all our guests appreciated that we chose her to officiate our day. Thank you Jayne!”

~ Chris and Rosanti Adamson

“Jayne was an amazing Celebrant! We loved her and would highly recommend her. She personalized our ceremony so well, that people were asking how long she had known us for.”

~Stephanie G.

“Jayne did an amazing job of putting our ceremony together and making sure it all went smoothly. She was very willing to put together a ceremony with our specifications, and was flexible as our wedding ended up being changed to 3 months sooner because of an unexpected pregnancy and she was great about making the changes. I have known Jayne for a few years and she is a very pleasant person to deal with. She is great at responding to emails and calls in a timely manner. We had many compliments about her by our wedding guests. Could not have been happier!”

~ Melanie S.

My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary was in August of 2011.  It was my mother’s wish to renew her vows with my dad to celebrate their incredible milestone.  My brother and I decided to throw a surprise “second wedding” for our parents with full ceremony and celebration.  We hired Jayne Gibson to perform the ceremony.  She was very professional and enthusiastic.  It was important for her to get a good background of my parents to regale the guests with funny and touching stories of events that have happened over the years.  She did her research and made the surprise event fun within a traditional atmosphere.  She is definitely part of our family memories and I recommend her services to everyone!

~ Meredith Field

I appreciated Jayne’s dedication, assistance and joyful personality.  I found her to be professional, creative and a pleasure to work with. We wish her every success in her future endeavors.

~ Brian P.

Jayne’s performance was superior.  She has a very outgoing personality and she gets along well with people of varying cultural and social backgrounds.  I would highly recommend her.

~ Cherry C.

Besides being a joy to work with, Jayne is a take-charge person who is able to present her product skillfully and communicate the benefits.  She was always very professional, prepared and extremely patient.

~ D.K.